Why Buy From Us

Innovative Rehab does more for our clients than just sell products;

   "We checked out 6 other vendors before deciding on Innovative Rehab. They really educated us on the type of equipment needed for a Professional Clinic, and handled everything from setting it up, training our staff and calibrating the equipment. We were extremely pleased with everything they did, and would recommend them highly."

Brian Ongaro - Texas Therapy Centers - (972)-234-1600 fax (972)-234-6460

  "We were refered to Innovative Rehab from another Clinic in another city who was a satisfied customer. Innovative Rehab showed superior knowledge of the equipment and it's specific use for our purposes. The honesty and objectivity were exceptional, if you knew we could get something much cheaper somewhere else you told us. You showed us professionalism in all communications and followed up on everything. The pricing was fair and you delivered on-time. We will definately order from you again. "

John Blanck - Heartland Therapy Centers - (816)- 931-3215 fax (816)-931-3217